Thursday, June 09, 2005

Movie Review?

So what did you all think of Episode III? I've heard various reviews but not necessarily from this crowd (and didn't many of you get paid to see it). I saw it (for free I might add) last night. I've heard some mention the horrendous acting, writing, and directing. Did they miss all the other 5 episodes? Frankly, that's never been a strong suit of the series. In the end, there's not much we can all do in this matter, we just have to take what they've given us so I just sat back with an open mind and enjoyed the ride. I felt like it was fun and bridged the story and was quite impressive visually. No real surprises but how can there be, we sort of knew how it had to turn out. I sort of like Ewan as Obi. I definitely liked some modern day political undertones that seemed to be in there, anyone else agree? Favorite line "Only the Sith think in absolutes". All and all, I'd say all 6 episodes were way better in our imaginative minds then they present themselves on film - that is, Lucas sort of lucked into where he is today i.e. very rich person. But I say oh well, as long as we all had fun. I think I will always be a fan of the original trilogy. With this episode, I was able to have some fun though unlike the first 2 that blew chunks. Let's just hope Lucas never tries to make anything else along the Star Wars story line.


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