Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Hopefully you're taking part of the day (or upcoming day) considering how to declare more independence from your carbon footprint. C'mon, it's pretty fun. If you are in the A2 or Detroit areas try walking/biking/commuting to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival (which hopefully you have been enjoying) or the 2007 Detroit CityFest (over the next few days in shadow of the Fisher Building). Two great festivals which the festival organizers (hint, hint) should really consider making more carbon neutral.

On a different topic, anyone ever done a life cycle analysis of fireworks? I like fireworks. The big shows that is, backyard scale fireworks seem kind of pointless and dangerous to me. But the big shows they're pretty entertaining. Can't think of a way to make them themselves sustainable so curious what has to be done to offset them.

(Apparently 252 million pounds of fireworks were sold in 2006 to individuals for "backyard" celebrations and there were 9200 injuries in 2006 from fireworks. Stats from Wisebread.)


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