Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Meet the Locavores

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a new year of fun, particularly with fresh local food, not to mention freshly expanding awareness in our community and economy. Keep up the great work and best wishes for your sustainable goals (and mini-goals) in this fine year 2008.

Start the year off right by reading this nice article by Vivienne Armentrout in the January 2008 Ann Arbor Observer: Meet the Locavores. "Eating mostly locally grown food takes a lot of work, especially in January. Yet some Ann Arborites wouldn't have it any other way."

Winter may not be the season when most people think of fresh local produce, but Shannon Brines is growing it. He has his spinach, fancy lettuces, Asian greens, and hakurei turnips on sale Saturdays through the winter at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market. Brines may not grow a lot — his typical weekly harvest is twenty-five to seventy-five pounds—but he is motivated. "I like good food and wanted to try and produce good food in a sustainable way," he says. "My end goal is to offer the best-tasting produce that just so happens to be carbon neutral when the customer buys it."

Read the whole article....

Thanks Vivienne! It was nice to meet and talk with you.


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