Sunday, February 10, 2008

Look out Summer Rayne Oakes

Look out Summer Rayne Oakes... perhaps I could be the next big model who has a passion for sustainability, sustainable style, and the like.

Yeah, maybe not. But I was honored to be invited by friend Britten Stringwell to her Unihood Fashion Bizarre and Dance last night at the yellow barn in A2. I was one of a diverse crowd of models who took turns walking (or strutting as it were) the unique runway and then saying a few words at the mic ... whatever one was moved to say (Note: speaking was not required, one model blew bubbles). Basically what I said was:
Can you picture winter greens? Arugula, spinach, salad mix. Can you picture a team of Unihood-wearing harvesters? I can.

And I really can. The thing about the unihood designs is that unlike a baseball cap or some of my loose fitting stocking caps they really won't fall off as one bends or leans over in the greenhouse. So that alone is enough for me to try them out. Throw in the fact that they are made with quite a bit of reclaimed materials with a nice touch of style from a local artisan and you got yourself a winner.

So friends Tao and K came by and snapped some photos for me (thanks!) during the fashion bizarre. K and I ended up buying a unihood each - K actually choosing to purchase what turned out to be apparently the first unihood Britten ever made. Britten asked to get some photos of us.

Astute radio listeners may note that they have heard of Britten Stringwell recently in the Environment Report story done last year by local reporter and friend Jennifer Guerra (who incidentally was also a unihood model).

Anyway, good times had by all. There was some nice warm up music and good DJ'd dancing afterward (I'll post musicians here if I remember their names), as well as severed unicorn heads and art, and Roos Roast coffee roasting on the yellow barn porch all night long.


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