Friday, July 27, 2007

Michigan Sounds

I will be doing a bunch o music reviews in the near future... primarily reviews of music from the highly under-rated, over-looked, under-appreciated Michigan artists and bands. Seriously. The unique sounds coming out of here are knocking the socks off of plenty arenas. Of course it doesn't help that as soon as they make it big they move away (yeah, I'm talking to you and others, you know who you are and I'm sure you're reading my blog!). So Tally Hally please take note and stay put!

Anyway, like I said, reviews and more coming soon. For now you should consider checking out Zoos Of Berlin, Freer, and The Sights at the Magic Stick tonight (my emphasis on Zoos Of Berlin) and Johnny Headband has posted a show at the Belmont August 18th.


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