Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm down...

...with ribbon fun and if you are going to watch news, the faux news better than the faux news is the Daily Show - hands down - as exhibited by this weeks coverage | | .

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

ribbon fun

i think that i'm going to start plastering my car with ribbons. hundreds of them. people will develop car-ribbon envy from seeing my car (a purple minivan, for those of you not acquainted with the venerable jellybean).

comic courtesy of lynda barry

Monday, April 25, 2005

Better News Source, A rapper or Fox News?

Ahhhh Yessss.....
So Friday night I was flipping through channels and happened to stop on Faux News' Hannity and Colmes show. I stopped because they were doing a segment about some website called Ghetto Fights dot com that sells videos of Fights, Brawls, Butt-Kickings, and just general Violent Mayhem. Of course Hannity and Colmes were completely horrified that someone would try to make money off of violence. Interestingly enough they had on rapper Paris (I don't know anything about him, but based on what I saw and the transcript he certainly seemed by far the most intelligent of the 4 people on the segment I saw). Paris pointed out that FoxNews parent company makes millions off of such quality programing as Nip/Tuck and Cops!

It was nice to finally hear someone point out the hypocrisy of the network that uses O'Reilly and other leaders of the US is plagued by moral decay to also be the leader of such Moral decay. I suppose as long as fox keeps putting out crap like Who wants to marry a millioniare, O'Reilly and his ilk will be able to say that the government needs more religous intrusion to protect us from their fox co-workers efforts to poison kid's minds.

Paris continued to point out that Fox News and the media in general have spent too much of their journalistic resources on Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Laci Peterson, instead of talking about illegal wars, lack of weapons of mass destruction, or stolen votes. This eventually led Sean Hannity to expose his and Fox News complete failure of reporting.

Directly from the transcript Hannity said, "Hey, Paris, let me educate you, Paris. 3,000 Americans were killed. We're at war to protect this maybe. And maybe if you watch FOX NEWS a little more, you might learn something."

Ah yes, apparently if you watch FoxNews you know that September 11th was done by Iraq. How many times does this have to be shown to be COMPLETELY untrue before the "Fair and Balanced" crew will figure it out. Or as Paris replied "and that's exactly the problem, maybe if you and your viewers read a little more, that's the problem right there"

FoxNews of course is hyping this exchange on their website, so the millions of brain dead fox sheep can continue to believe Iraq caused 9/11 and that Ignorant rappers, not ignorant FoxNews wack jobs, are what's wrong with America.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Worse Wiffleballer EVAR!!!!!

Ahhhhh Yesssss.....
I've got to admit my wiffleball performance yesterday was horrific at best. Really down right putrid...I may be the king of putriesince. I fell great shame lose 20 gajillion to six and know that it was all my fault. If I play like that again I may kick my own a** and retire from the sport. Actually the only thing I did right at Wurster was I did dominate at Meanie ball pegging both Shannon and Rob with a rock. Hopefully the week off next week will let me recover and be ready for a much better performance on cinco de Mayo. Hopefully a much larger group will be able to make that game as well. Oh and hopefully Jonathon's broken leg will have healed by then as well, maybe some fill dirt would be useful to make sure the field is in better playing conditions.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Awesome Marketing

Khem's blog has brought this sad, sad marketing by Mickey-Ds to my attention.

I think they are very confused indeed. Almost seems like they are quite desparate - it may be the end of the globalization boom of the golden arches perhaps, I mean what do they got, not much. But I won't count my schadefreunde chickens before they are hatched. Fortunately the C&J thread at cheered me up with this
or maybe it was this .
No, on second thought I don't think either of those did the trick. What's up with that wood one?

I think it was probably this marketing for world peace that cheered me up... .
Lastly (and not totally out of left field because I mentioned chickens earlier but) apparently Khem is getting a chicken. I'm jealous.

For those in A2, don't forget Wiffleball tonight (see 2 posts back).

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I think I saw a fairy

Fear not, young Ann Arborites, or perhaps fear lots.
Betcha never seen a fairy like this before. I wonder what kind of fairy hole that crawled out of. It certainly didn't come through the door of that posting at the bottom of the page.

and check out these, too.

Wiffleball Controversy Already?!??!?!

Ahhh Yesss.....
It appears the first controversy of the wiffleball season has arrived. As if the need for congressional testimony from Sam, Dell, Tiffany, Amanda, and Johnny over whether or not they used steriods last season wasn't bad enough. Commissioner Rob Terrell has apparently banned Andy and Shannon from Wiffleball before the season even begins. Commissioner Terrell didn't stop at just saying "No Meanies" which would have put Brines and Cluley on notice of their double secret probation. No, He felt the need to explicitly say players who like to yell, have a temper and taunt should look for other thursday activities, possibly even anger management classes. Clearly this is simply an effort by the Commish to keep Brines and Cluley out of the league. We'll have further developments...

Update from sjb - Here is Rob's post in full. Yeah, more talk like that from Commish Rob and a secondary scab league may have to form. People in glass houses shouldn't play wiffleball naked, Rob!

Oh boy! The new season begins on
Thursday April 21st! (Weather permitting)

Come join a friendly game of Wiffleball every Thursday night (or any that you can). No skill or talent is required. Bring yourself, your kids, your parents, grandparents, neighbors, pets, friends (real or imagined), it doesn't matter. If they WANT to play they CAN play. The only rule is No Meanies! So if you are a poor sport, have a short temper, like to yell, put other people down, or are in any other way just unpleasant to be around, we suggest looking for something else to do on Thursday nights. Anger management classes perhaps. The whole point of Wiffleball is to have fun. Hope to see you there!

The Wiffleball Facts:

Where: Wurster Park, Ann Arbor. 4th Street and W. Madison. Need a map? Just e-mail for one.

When: Every Thursday starting at 6:30.

Why: Because it's fun.


Q: What is Wiffleball?
A: It¹s softball with a plastic ball and bat.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Just yourself. We will supply the equipment.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: If it is too lousy to play then the players move to Leopold Brothers for Foosball, Pool, boardgames or just binge drinking. This is also the home for most After Parties.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Shannon knows NCAA Hockey, NOT FOOSBALL!!!

Ahhhh Yessss......
Just a short post...While Shannon may have run away with the NCAA hockey pool, he fell quite a bit short last night in foosball action. Despite the best efforts of teamates of great skill like Andy and Tiffany, Shannon's overall record was not so good. The culmination of a humiliating night of foosball came when Andy channeled the foos skill of former roomate Brent Toto and thoroughly embarassed the team of Shannon and Tiffany. Such one on two Foosball domination has rarely been seen before, and almost assuredly won't be seen again. Tiffany valiantly fought to keep the game close, but was unable to overcome the inpediment that was her teamate. So I guess MC Hammer is simply choosing not to touch Shannon, probably for fear of catching whatever foosball ailment he has.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Andy and His Darth Tater: Exhibit A

Pot met the kettle... I should say so. I'm sure I'll just be called a sensationalist journalist like the honorable S. Wilson and M. Albom and accused of fabricating facts and using misleading evidence but I feel it my civic duty to come forward. Andy, you claim no ownership of a Darth Tater (repeatedly) but then how do you explain this?

How do you respond, you reporter of "high esteem and ethics"? This evidence is tight. I even asked C. Powell to present it but he was busy.


Ahhhhh yes....
So I wake up this morning to hear my "favorite" lard a** channel 7 reporter talking on The Drew And Mike Show. Apparently Mr. Wilson is working on an investigation of Midget Albom (another fine example of why people have a low opinion of my chosen profession) If you haven't heard, Albom has been caught doing at least one Jayson Blair and making up information for a Wilson, as a paragon of journalistic ethics, is going to check to make sure Albom hasn't been doing this on other stories. I'm all for taking down the midget if he really has been making up facts to make his stories interesting, something that I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. However Steve Wilson isn't the reporter I want doing it. I know for a fact that he used incorrect or misleading information in the EMU University house story (not to mention the fact that he came to that party about 6 months after Fox2, A2 News, Ypsi Courier, and 89.1 WEMU reported all of the actual facts that he claims to have found)

Another interesting aspect to this story is that when Wilson led the Detroit SUV-gate campaign for a couple of weeks, the midget actually was one of the few people to stand up and point out that with a 90 million dollar deficit hanging over The D, a 25-thousand dollar vehicle was pretty damn insignificant. HMMM....could Wilson be picking a fight because Albom had the audacity to question his reporting. If so, the reporter from Warren's cable access network that interviewed Wilson yesterday when he was trying to ambush Warren's deputy mayor could be in trouble. Wilson apparently used the why am I a newstory line on her when she started to ask questions. Too bad she didn't know Wilson himself proclaimed that a reporter can decide whatever they want is news, even if it was reported months earlier.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite! Ice Skating!

Wow, I think I need to see this movie. Apparently the State of Idaho has passed a resolution commending the makers of the movie Napoleon Dynamite. This is government at work. Definitely worth the read - here is just one example of the wording in the resolution:
WHEREAS, tater tots figure prominently in this film thus promoting Idaho's most famous export

So no skateboarding tonight, but if any A2 folks are up for ice skating - 8-10pm at Yost.

Apologies, I cannot resist posting...

... these images. To be sure, I make no insinuation of their value, although one might call these folks creative. I just thought these were worth sharing.
Image 2 | Image 3
God Bless America!

Plus, check out this plea to us consumers from the pharmaceutical companies.

Lastly, cancel that hunting trip to Wisconsin or breathe a big sigh of relief depending on your persuasion, the governor poo-pooed the idea of a hunting season on stray cats.

You think you're sassy?

well check this out

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Design Review

OK. Now and then a designer must read this site. (Of course, everyone reading can put her/his design hat on (perhaps a hat you designed), even though some of us surely are sucky designers.) Anyway, how about your vote or some feedback on these products made from pull-back tops (from pop/beer cans etc.). There are hats and clothing and bowls and purses. Frankly, I'm not so sure about the clothing. Would any of you wear pull-back tops next to your skin? I think the purses, bags, and bowls are cool. Much more at the Escama and DaLata Designs sites respectively.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Shannon Routs Competition - Wins NCAA Hockey Tourney Pool Hands Down

Ah, yes, what a fine wonderous weekend it was - great weather, fun curator's ball. Plus - the icing on the cake - the Denver defeat of North Dakota 4-1 in the final game of the NCAA Division I Hockey Tournament. Granted, I had sealed my victory in the Andy/Shannon NCAA Hockey Tourney Pool before they even dropped the puck but now I can be bold. I'm quite sure this makes up for my average NCAA basketball pool performance. Incomplete listing of pool participants and results are here. Andy has the rest of the pool participants but rest assured there is only one winner. So in the eternal words of MC Hammer doo-do-do-do, can't touch this! Congrats Denver.

Daily Dose of Art

I like these artists Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison. I have an article from Orion that explains how they make their art - abridged version of that article is online here. As the article explains:
If you spend any time with a ParkeHarrison photograph, you will see a carefully choreographed construction incorporating sculpture, performance, collage, and painting, as well as the comparatively simple act of exposing film.

Anyway, the images below are of their prints "Guardian", "Sower", and "Turning to Spring" respectively and there are many more on their website.

check for leeches

...and I mean the real ones.

TrendSetting Andy

Ahhhh Yesssss!
I am the first non-sjb post on THE COLLECTIVE!!!!!

I survived the chicago bachelor party weekend....and from what I remember I had a good time.
Only threatened to destroy my new cell phone a couple of times.

Well I didn't really have anything important to say just wanted to be a part of the fast paced action packed blogger lifestyle.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Curator's Ball

Hey, everyone is indirectly invited to the Curator's Ball this saturday night at the UM exhibit museum in lovely A2 Michigan. It's this big annual gig thrown by the Anthro grad students so our contacts are Meghan Howey or Allison Davis. Enter through the back loading dock door 8pm ish. Tell them Meghan Howey "invited" you and if you end up face to face with her tell her that I relayed details. Anyway, there will be some light eats and drinks, an embarassing slide slow for the Anthro grad students and then dancing with the music supplied by none other than Box. There is a theme also... it's Casablanca.
See the movie trailer here.

Cell phones and Darth Taters

A few notes for Andy... congrats on getting a cell phone, just be careful with it. Also, curious if you will be adding to your Star Wars collection the Darth Tater and Jedi M&Ms.

Jon Stewart has more on all of this Star Wars merchandising.
Note to GiddyUp toy designers: please be more creative than the designer who came up with the Darth Tater.

Pesky little buggers

Lest ye think we are not alone, take a look at this image... just the average cafe building and sidewalk interface in our fair city... or is it???
different angle | close up. By the way, who can name the location?

the collective blog experiment

Hey everyone, I made what is called a team blog. So you will get an invite in your email to be a member to this blog the collective. You will have to create a new free account and then you will be able to post to the main page. People don't have to post, they can just comment on other posts, although the more posts the merrier - post all those upcoming events or parties and all those funny and/or interesting tidbits you find out there on the information superhighway and/or actual world. The funnier the better. If you don't get an email invite or know someone we should invite, just let me know. A link to the collective blog has also been made on