Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the Farm Bill

If only the Farm Bill was what most people think a Farm Bill should be... I have many opinions on the farm bill but effectively I essentially agree with Slow Food USA in urging all people who eat honest to goodness food (or who would like to) to write to congressional representatives to share views about supporting food systems that place value on diversified crops and community-based solutions along with sustainable stewardship of our land.

To see more information, go to:

And to take action today, go to:

Friday, July 27, 2007

Walk Score

While there of course are a lot of things missing from their algorithm to determine the walkability of your address - it pretty much just calculates distances to a variety of potential of destinations - I think it still has quite a bit of value at least as a way of comparing addresses. This Walk Score site is definitely worth trying out.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

In a little over a week on August 4th some really cool indie artists from the area are going to converge on the Majestic Theater complex on Woodward Avenue for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Don't miss it.

Michigan Sounds

I will be doing a bunch o music reviews in the near future... primarily reviews of music from the highly under-rated, over-looked, under-appreciated Michigan artists and bands. Seriously. The unique sounds coming out of here are knocking the socks off of plenty arenas. Of course it doesn't help that as soon as they make it big they move away (yeah, I'm talking to you and others, you know who you are and I'm sure you're reading my blog!). So Tally Hally please take note and stay put!

Anyway, like I said, reviews and more coming soon. For now you should consider checking out Zoos Of Berlin, Freer, and The Sights at the Magic Stick tonight (my emphasis on Zoos Of Berlin) and Johnny Headband has posted a show at the Belmont August 18th.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pledge to Eat Locally Grown

As the above video suggests, take newdream.org's carbon conscious consumer pledge to eat locally grown food this month and have a chance to win a 1500 square foot landscape design.

They also have an advocacy tool to Speak Up for Local Food and a kit and promotional materials to organize your community.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


If that Slow Food Huron Valley Meet-Up isn't enough for you, venture on over to the Ann Arbor South University Art Fair and join O2-Michigan's monthly Green Drinks social gathering at 7:30pm in the refreshment tent in front of the AnnArbors107one.com entertainment mainstage.

Slow Food Huron Valley Meet-Up

Slow Food Huron Valley has been upgraded, both virtually and non-virtually. Lots of activities this year, including movie viewings, farmers market walks, and farm tours, all on top of a gorgeously remodeled website.

Plus, Slow Food Huron Valley is teaming up with Growing Hope and a host of local organizations to host the Sustainable Table's only stop in Michigan on their national local, sustainable food tour! It will be September 1st and they are called it Pie Lovers Unite! A Sustainable Table and Pie Across America Hootenanny! So stay tuned for that.

Don't know what all this talk about Slow Food is... well check it out. Great group - movement really - that I've been a member and supporter of for a bit now.

So come meet up with like minded folks... Slow Food Huron Valley is having a Meet-up tomorrow, Wednesday July 18th at Grizzly Peak at 5:30pm. Just ask the hostess for the Slow Food table.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One Day. 40+ Artists. 9000 Gallons of Beer.

If you like to buy local food, you might be interested in buying local in general. So get ye to the Shadow Art Fair this Saturday at the Corner Brewery in Ypsi and support some of the great folks who are a part of our local economy. See you there.

Cute Chicks

My friend Khem is surrounded by the cutest chicks. He is part of Lucky Cluck Farms in the Newport, Oregon area. You can read all about them at their farm blog The Lucky Clucker. You can even watch a video of cute chicks I've embedded below.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Hopefully you're taking part of the day (or upcoming day) considering how to declare more independence from your carbon footprint. C'mon, it's pretty fun. If you are in the A2 or Detroit areas try walking/biking/commuting to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival (which hopefully you have been enjoying) or the 2007 Detroit CityFest (over the next few days in shadow of the Fisher Building). Two great festivals which the festival organizers (hint, hint) should really consider making more carbon neutral.

On a different topic, anyone ever done a life cycle analysis of fireworks? I like fireworks. The big shows that is, backyard scale fireworks seem kind of pointless and dangerous to me. But the big shows they're pretty entertaining. Can't think of a way to make them themselves sustainable so curious what has to be done to offset them.

(Apparently 252 million pounds of fireworks were sold in 2006 to individuals for "backyard" celebrations and there were 9200 injuries in 2006 from fireworks. Stats from Wisebread.)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy (Belated) Solstice!

Whoa, time warp. How did a half a year to a year just go by so fast? Freaky. Well, anyway, more regular postings are forthcoming. Won't be able to cover recent history very well (you could check out the Brines Farm Blog and a few other places...). But one highlight of the first half of the year, and if this doesn't give Brines.net legitimacy, I don't know what will... but I was interviewed by Homeless Dave for his famous Teeter Talk - warming up the teeter totter for a later interview with the former President of the United States William Jefferson Clinton.

I assure you the graphic on the right is real:)